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Category: Seasonal Changes


Garage Storage in Winter Don’ts

More often than not, the garage is a space used for storing items you don’t want or don’t have room for in your home. The average garage will be filled with seasonal clothes, some workshop tools, a few bikes, and...


How to Protect Your Garage from Winter Cold

It’s easiest to use your garage as a functional storage and work place when it’s warm, especially when the Connecticut cold gets brutal. A cold garage can damage your car and freeze pumps or water lines. By following these steps, you...


Garage Decorations For The Holidays

It seems like it was just yesterday that we were sitting here rounding up a slew of fun DIY garage door decorating ideas for Halloween. Now we can’t believe that the holiday season is here and Christmas is right around...


Spooky, Scary Garage Door Decor

If there’s one thing we love about Halloween, it’s the costumes. There’s something so exciting about a day where you’re free to dress up as anyone, or anything you want! Well, here at The Garage Door Center, we love this...