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Why Won’t My Garage Door Open?

How many of you have basically replaced your front door with your garage door? What happens if it doesn’t open one day? If this ends up occurring, make sure you know the common reasons why your garage door won’t open.

Your Opener’s Power Source is Disrupted

This may sound silly, but make sure your opener is plugged in – you might have unplugged your power source without realizing it. You can even check to see if the outlet is the actual problem by plugging another device into it. Also, check your circuit breaker and fuse box to make sure the power is on.

Your Torsion Springs are Broken

You’ll know if your torsion spring breaks if you hear a sound similar to that of a firecracker or gunshot. If the spring is broken, don’t try to open the door. Instead, call the professionals since they will have the proper tools and skills to fix the spring.

Your Cables Have Snapped

Often when the tension spring snaps, the garage door cable will also break under the pressure of the door closing. This will not only prevent the door from opening, but can also cause damage to cars, walls, and even people who go near it. It’s safest to call the pros so they can repair the cable and get your garage door working again.

There’s little point to having a garage door that doesn’t open. If you find that this is the case with your door, choose the professionals at Garage Door Center to help. We offer garage door repair services in Fairfield, CT and the surrounding neighborhoods. Call us at 203-255-3033 for more information.

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