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Garage Storage in Winter Don’ts

More often than not, the garage is a space used for storing items you don’t want or don’t have room for in your home. The average garage will be filled with seasonal clothes, some workshop tools, a few bikes, and maybe a car. However, there are a few things you shouldn’t keep in your garage during winter. Check out these garage storage don’ts.

  • Propane: While you may want to store a propane tank or two in your garage so you’re ready for barbecues when summer finally comes, having them there can be dangerous. Propane tanks should be kept outside, where it is well-ventilated, so if one leaks, you don’t risk a fire or explosion when starting your car.
  • Open Stacks of Linens or Paper: These make the perfect homes for mice and bugs since they provide warmth and shelter for the little critters. Store all of your paper goods in your pantry instead. If you have to store old linens in your garage, place them in sealed, plastics bins.
  • Refrigerators: While it’s nice to have an extra fridge or freezer in your garage to keep food in during winter, your fridge will cost you a pretty penny when it comes to your energy bills. Plus, once the temperature drops below 60 degrees, your fridge won’t work as efficiently since it’s already cold.
  • Canned Food: The changing weather can significantly affect the shelf life of canned food kept in your garage. If your food freezes in the winter cold, it may be able to be thawed, but it may not be as good of quality.
  • Paint: Leftover paint won’t make it to your next home project if subjected to falling winter temperatures. Plus, leaving cans on a cement floor will cause them to rust faster than those left on shelves.

Contrary to popular belief, your garage is not a catch-all when it comes to storage. Knowing what and what not to store in your garage can make a big difference in how safe and healthy your garage space is.

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