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Buyer’s Guide to Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener adds convenience and safety to the entry and exit of your garage. With so many options and add-on features available, how do you decide which one to add? There are several factors you should take into consideration when choosing a garage door opener.

Types of Openers

  •  Chain-Drive: These use a metal chain to drive the trolley and open and close the door. While these are usually cheaper, they do tend to create more noise, so they aren’t the best option for doors that sit below living spaces.
  •  Belt-Drive: These work the same way as a chain-drive but use a belt to move the trolley instead. They are slightly quieter and smoother, so they are a good option for homes with living spaces near the garage.
  •  Screw-Drive: These openers use a rotating steel rod to move the lifting mechanism. They are usually quieter than chain-drive units and also have fewer moving parts, so they require less maintenance.
  •  Direct-Drive: The unit’s motor is the trolley and travels on a track to open and close the door. Since it’s a single moving part, this opener offers reduced noise and vibration as well as less maintenance.


The level of horsepower you should look for depends on your garage door type and size. Ratings range from ½ horsepower to 1 ½ horsepower for most residential garage door openers. If you have a sectional double-car garage door, you should be fine. However, an opener with more horsepower will require less energy to run and cause less wear and tear on the motor.


  • Remotes: Having a remote for your garage door opener allows you to enter and exit your garage without having to get out of the car.
  • Smart Device Compatibility: Some openers allow you to sync them to your phone, so you can operate the door from your mobile device.
  • Locks: These give you the option to stop remotes from opening your garage door.
  • Motion-Sensing Lights: These operate automatically to provide safety and security in your garage.

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