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Steel v. Wood Garage Doors

Picking out a new garage door can be tricky. What style do you like best? Do you want windows? What material should it be made out of? The experts at Garage Door Center can help answer that! Here are the pros and cons of two of the most popular garage door materials: steel and wood.


Steel doors are usually a homeowner’s choice if he or she needs a faster, more convenient installation. If you think you’re leaning more towards a steel garage door, consider these pros and cons.


  • Less Expensive: Steel doors tend to be cheaper than wood and can save you a decent amount of money during construction.
  • Easy Maintenance: The only maintenance steel doors require is a power wash from time to time, so you’re left with little work.
  • Lighter: Steel is a much lighter material than wood and is easier to open.


  • Rusting: Over time, steel doors will likely rust. If you live in a humid climate, steel is probably not your best option.
  • Denting: This material is more easily dented than wood, so you’d have to watch out for it during your kids’ soccer season.


Wooden garage doors are a great way to add a flare of elegance to your home’s curb appeal. If you think a wooden door is for you, know the pros and cons.


  • Customizable: The style options for wooden doors are endless. You can choose a wide variety of colors, designs, and sizes to fit your needs.
  • More Attractive: This material is considered more elegant and luxurious than steel doors.
  • Dent-Free: Wood doesn’t dent like steel does, so you won’t have to worry about knocking into your garage door with a lawn-mower.


  • More Expensive: The combination of more expensive materials and the customization of wood doors will cost you more than a steel door would.
  • Maintenance-Heavy: Wooden doors can chip, warp, or rot without good care. You’ll need to sand, stain, or repaint the wood to keep it in good condition.

No matter what material you decide to go with, Garage Door Center of Fairfield will work with you to design a custom garage door that fits your needs and budget. Don’t settle for what the other guys offer. Call us at 203-255-3033, or visit our showroom today.

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