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How to Perfect Your Exterior Paint Palette

Whether you’re repainting your entire home, just your garage and entrance doors, or simply adding a pop of accent color here and there, choosing the perfect hues can be hard. Fortunately, we’re here to help ease the burden, with five tips to perfect your exterior paint palette.

Tip #1: Consider the long run.

Your roofing, stonework and paved pathways are likely to stick around for a while. For that reason, it makes the most sense to plan your color scheme around these elements. Do they carry warm beiges or cool gray and blue undertones?

Tip #2: Break it down.

You’ll want to attach your paint picking in three different main areas: the field color for the body of the home, meaning the shingles or siding; the trim color for window and door casings, fascia boards, etc.; and the accent color for doors, windows, shutters, and other small areas.

Tip #3: Stick to a style.

Consider your home’s architecture. Certain architectural periods give way to complimentary color palettes. Fortunately, many paint manufacturers offer “paint collections,” which group historically accurate colors schemes together. That way you’ve got an easy starting point!

Tip #4: Think about the visuals.

Do you want to create a certain depth? Highlight a specific architectural feature? May you’d just like to have your home pop against a background full of beautiful bushes and trees. Having a vision for your home’s facade is important.

Tip #5: Test your options.

Don’t forget that paint colors will look different on the swatch than when actually applied, and different throughout the day based on how the sunlight hits. Just like when choosing and interior paint color, it’s important to give exterior paint a test run first. Test your paint on a large patch of your home and give yourself a few days to decide whether you love it or not.

At The Garage Door Center, we realize that the color and material you choose for your home’s garage and entrance doors are a huge part of bringing your exterior color palette full circle. That’s why we offer complete customization, from start to finish.

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