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How to Handle Pests in Your Garage

You might see your garage as a storage space, but mice, bugs, and other pests see it as a warm sanctuary from the winter cold. To keep your home safe from unwelcome critters, use these tips for handling pests in your garage.

Identifying Pests

Before figuring out how to remove them, you must know how to tell if pests are making a home in your garage in the first place. The easiest way to do this is by actually spotting the critters. Since some may be smart enough to hide when you’re around, look for droppings or gnawed spots in the walls where mice and other pests may burrow. Sounds in your garage can be another sign of pests. At night, mice will usually make scratching noises, and you may also hear chirping if a new litter has been born. Always check any piles of clothes or papers since these are a popular place for pests to hide.

Removing Pests

There are a variety of ways to remove pests from your garage, some more humane than others. The best way to safely get rid of pests is by removing their food and water source. Electronic pest removal systems don’t always work since mice can get used to the sound given off and learn to ignore it. Traditional methods of pest removal include pesticides and spring-loaded traps. These are the least humane options you can choose but are also the least expensive. Whatever method you decide on, make sure to check your garage regularly until you find no signs of pests.

Preventing Pests

Once your garage is no longer a critter motel, you must make sure that future pests can’t take up residence. Block off all openings with mesh wire, and find and fill any mice holes with steel-wool and caulk. Remove any food or water sources in your garage and store clothing or papers in pest-proof, plastic bins.

A common way to end up with pests in your garage is by having a broken garage door. Critters can sneak in through damaged weatherstripping or holes in the door itself. Garage Door Center is your go-to for garage door repairs in Fairfield, CT. Call us today to have us inspect your door for damage and make any repairs necessary to keep your garage pest-free.

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