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Garage Door Maintenance Tips

It’s pretty easy to forget about garage door maintenance, but you really shouldn’t. Your garage door is your home’s largest moving object and is probably opened and closed more than 1,000 times a year. Make sure yours operates efficiently and safely by performing garage door maintenance regularly.

  • Look around. Visually inspect your door and its components. Do springs look rusty or broken? Are the tracks or hinges worn down? Are the roller wheels crooked? All these problems require maintenance to keep your garage door from deteriorating or becoming unsafe.
  • Test the automatic reversal system. By law, all automatic garage door openers are required to have a feature that will stop the door’s closing if something gets in its path. When your garage door is closing, place an object, such as a cinder block, in its way. If the system is working properly, the door should reverse when it touches the block.
  • Test the infrared motion system. Many garage door openers now come equipped with a motion sensor that reverses the direction of the door if an object moves within range of it. The sensor is usually about six inches off the ground and should cause the door to open if you place an object in its path.
  • Test the emergency manual release. You’ve probably noticed a bright red handle hanging from a rope on your automatic opener. In the event that your door was to malfunction or the opener should lose power, the manual release is meant to allow you to open and close the door on your own. If the door won’t open or only opens partially, call a professional to solve the problem instead of forcing it.

Performing routine garage door maintenance will keep your door working properly for longer, and more importantly, will ensure safety for you and your family. If you find that your garage door isn’t up to snuff, Garage Door Center of Fairfield, CT offers garage door repairs to help. We are able to fix your weather-stripping, door opener, and more in order to keep your door in good condition.

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