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Garage Door Maintenance 101

Installing a new garage door is no “set it, and forget it” task. If you want to keep it looking and working great for years to come, you’ll have to employ a little bit of elbow grease every once in awhile to keep it maintained properly. While this isn’t an end-all be-all list, these four steps provide a great start to keeping your garage door in the best shape possible.

    • Step 1: Oil Up

Once a year it’s important to oil your garage door’s rollers, hinges and tracks. This will ensure it opens nice and smooth year round.

    • Step 2: Clean Out

In addition, you should be removing debris, leaves and dirt from the doors parts often. A leaf blow is a great tool to get this done easily!

    • Step 3: Replace

All that opening and closing can do a number on the rubber seals on the bottom of your door. These are important for keeping warm air in and critters out. Check your seals regularly and replace then if you notice any ripping, hardening or chipping.

    • Step 4: Soap Down

Give the door itself a refreshing facelift a few times per year. We suggest some extra TLC in the fall and winter months, when the wind is whirling and the weather is prone to piling dirt up onto you home.

If you find you garage door needing a little extra attention after carrying out your regular maintenance, not to worry! The garage door experts at The Garage Door Center can handle all of your garage door repair and installation needs. Whether it’s a simple fix, or a new custom door you’re after, we’re here to make it happen.

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