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Converting Your Garage

As time goes on, your home gets packed with more people and possessions. At that point, you may be thinking of adding a new addition to your home. Did you ever think of converting your garage into a new space rather than building something from the ground up? If not, you should!

Why Convert Your Garage

Since your garage already has a foundation, walls, and a roof, you can save a ton of money in comparison to building an entirely new space. Renovation is a much easier project compared to building framework for a new extension. Converting a garage into a living space also adds significant value to your home and can serve many purposes, such as:

  • A close-by living space for aging parents.
  • A more private space for your college graduate who’s not quite ready to move out yet.
  • An apartment you can rent out to gain a new income.
  • A man cave – because we know every guy wants one.

How to Convert Your Garage

Even though it’s easier to do than a full-scale addition, converting your garage is still no simple task. The project could take between four and six weeks to complete since there are many steps to making your garage a livable space. You’ll have to:

  • Raise the floor in order to install insulation over the concrete.
  • Completely insulate the walls and ceilings.
  • Set up heating and cooling for the new space. (This can be done either by connecting to your home’s main system or adding an independent HVAC unit.)
  • Upgrade the electric to accommodate heavier use.
  • Add stud walls, windows, and doors.

Converting your garage has a plethora of benefits, including adding space and value to your home. Until the day you do decide to renovate that space, keep your garage looking spiffy with a custom garage door from Garage Door Center.

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