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Common Garage Door Repairs

You probably wish everything in your home would stay in the pristine condition you bought it in. Unfortunately, weather, time, and wear-and-tear can take their toll on your home. One thing that can take the biggest hit is your garage door. Do you happen to notice any problems with your door that could use some repairs?

Problem: My garage door won’t open or close.

First, check the sensor on the base of your opener’s track. If something is blocking it, your garage door will not operate properly. If there’s nothing in the way of the sensor, check the opener itself. If you press the button near the small light on the opener, and it doesn’t light up, you’ll need to replace the battery. Lastly, check for wheel track obstructions and dents on your door.

Problem: My garage door moves unevenly.

The likely culprit of this problem is an issue with your spring mechanism. Roll-up doors commonly have a single torsion spring mounted in their center which creates great tension. Uneven movement could also be a result of problems with your tracks. If you notice either of these issues, you should call a professional in order to avoid getting injured.

Problem: My garage door closes very quickly.

If you notice that your garage door falls more quickly than it used to or bounces when it hits the ground, you most likely have broken chains or cables. The cables will need to be replaced to stop the door from closing so fast. This repair will require professional attention.

Garage door repairs can save you time and money from having to replace your door sooner than necessary. Since it’s the largest moving object in your home, garage doors need to be repaired very carefully. While you may want to take a crack at the repairs yourself, we highly suggest calling professionals so you don’t risk an accidental injury. At Garage Door Center of Fairfield, we offer garage door repairs to maintain the quality of your door and keep you and your family safe.

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