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Check These Garage Door Parts Today

It’s true, we often take our garage doors for granted. How easy it is to press a button and have instant access to your home with an armful of groceries. Likewise, it’s also easy to forget that like most things in a home, your garage door needs some extra TLC once in awhile. If it’s been some time since you last checked on your beloved garage door, here are a few places you can start.

The Panels

How is your garage door holding up at a glance? If you notice damage to the door’s panels, it’s best to have them repaired before winter. Not only will existing damage be more likely to increase with the cold wet weather ahead, but any holes can also let cold air and unwelcome critters in.

The Hinges

Next up are your garage door’s hinges. These allow the panels to bend as the door is raised up and folded in towards the back of the garage. Dents, damage or signs of rust should never be ignored.

The Springs

This part of your garage door’s system is meant to keep your garage door from flying open or slamming shut. Test the spring tension by opening your garage door manually, halfway. It should stay in place half open. If it doesn’t, your springs may need repair.

The Cables

These allow your door to open and close with ease. Spot check for worn and frayed srtrips, and have them replaced as soon as possible. If they snap the door can come crashing down and risk injuring an unsuspecting family member.

The Rollers

Working in tandem with the cables, these keep your door opening and closing smoothly. Open your garage door slowly and listen for any rubbing or screaching noises. If you’re having a tough time rolling it up, lubricate the rollers a bit and try again before calling in a pro.

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