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4 Signs Your Garage Door Is Waving The White Flag

Just like everything else in your home, your garage door can become run down and damaged over time. While carrying out proper maintenance duties can help prolong its lifespan, sometimes situations call for a completely new installation altogether. Here’s how to tell if it’s time to repair, or to throw in the towel and install a new garage door instead.

#1: Opening and closing is difficult.

If your garage door opener is on the fritz often, it’s time to call in the pros. It may be that your opener needs repairing, or it could indicate an issue with the door itself. If you don’t have an automatic opener and are having problems, it will definitely require some repairs.

#2: There’s a ton of unnecessary noise.

Basic movement sounds are to be expected as your garage door makes its way open. However, an overwhelming amount of creaks, squeaks and groans is your door’s way of calling out for help.

#3: Saggy, drooping sections are apparent.

If you have an overhead door, you should be able to open it halfway without it rising or falling. If you have an automatic opener, you should be checking the balance on your garage door each month, and call a pro in for repairs when needed.

#4: Your energy bills are through the roof.

With winter on its way, the time to start sealing up and insulating your home is now. That being said, it might be beneficial to replace that old single-ply garage door with a newer, better insulated alternative.

Not sure if your garage door is ready for a replacement, but could use an expert opinion? Whether it’s a new installation or simple repair work you seek, The Garage Door Center of Fairfield CT is here to assist.

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